Transference and technological services

The IIB Unit for Technological and Social Connections (UVTyS) groups all the services to third parties (companies, government agencies, NGOs, etc,) through which a highly specialized service is provided using equipment, infrastructure and knowledge (High Level Technology Services, STAN). The goal of each STAN is to provide services which, because of their complexity, are not regularly available for entities due to the lack of the appropriate structure and/or knowledge to carry them out.

We are currently offering STANs associated to the following equipment: confocal microscopy, HPLC, q real time PCR and flow cytometry. In a near future we will offer GC-MS and electrophysiology We also carry out technical assistance agreements that are oriented to solve specific problems that are of interest to a particular client (companies, government agencies, NGOs, etc.). In such agreements, the client defines the objective and covers completely or part of the cost.

At IIB we also carry out research projects that aim to solve social or technical problems in the present and the future. They are generally financed or co-financed by public funds to improve technologically enterprises and institutions by providing human resources, equipment, logistics, databases, materials, supporting research staff, etc.